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Festival dos Canais program is already known

Published at — 13 June 2022

Festival dos Canais program is already known
Festival dos Canais 2022 will again be divided into two stages, taking place on the 14th to 17th and 22nd to 24th of July. Music, theater, dance, new circus, visual arts, activities for children and several other artistic areas will be represented at the event, with national and international artists, comprising several premieres. Admissions are always free.
With the lifting of the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival returns to its original format with regard to venues, which will no longer limited. Therefore, spectators will be able to move freely, the event will run for longer hours and venues will have greater capacity – that includes the return of Cais da Fonte Nova, a location capable of housing thousands of people.

One of the novelties in this field is the return to Cais da Fonte Nova, the biggest venue of the festival. There will be two concerts at this place: a challenge from the Festival dos Canais, which invited three of the most renowned female voices in the national music scene - Rita Red Shoes, Carolina Deslandes and Aurea to perform with the Banda Sinfónica de Aveiro – Banda Amizade (on the 22nd) and AGIR (on the 23rd). But there are several other performances to follow throughout the festival, spread over two stages. In Praça do Marquês de Pombal there will be Camané (the 14th), Moonshiners with The Legendary Tigerman, Fanfarra Káustika and O Gajo (the 15th), with the other stage being set on the Escadaria do Atlas Aveiro, with performances by Marinho (14th), Slimmy (15th), Peter Storm (16th), Carapau Orkestra (17th), Paraguaii (22nd), Cachupa Psicadélica (23rd) and Mirror People (24th). There is also room for a very special concert by Noiserv, to be held at the Bandstand in Parque da Cidade (the 16th). What also promises to be memorable is the fusion between image and music in the Cloisters of the Igreja do Carmo, where the photographs of the participants in the Photography Laboratory Viagens na Minha Terra in Aveiro, supervised by Augusto Brázio and Nelson D'Aires, mix with the music of the Quinta do Picado Music School (23rd).

Street Theater and Contemporary Circus
In the contemporary circus, one of the most outstanding areas of the Festival dos Canals, there is the presentation of MÙ, a large-scale show by the Transe Express Company, which is inspired by the imagination of Jules Verne (23rd). Deabru Beltzak also promise to warm up the spirits with their Symfeuny, a proposal created from fire that will summon the public to a parade (the 15th and 16th). Another performance worth mentioning is Mutabilia, a creation of Teatro do Mar that makes the idea of ​​home its axis.
community projects
Another return of the Festival dos Canais is the Fanfarra dos Canais, a project by the Oficina de Música de Aveiro, which brings together professional and amateur musicians in an itinerant formation that animates the streets where it passes, with a special concert at the end of the event. Another project built with the community is the play As Sete Vidas da Argila – Como Boca-de-Barro Ganhou o Seu Apelido, staged by Jorge Louraço Figueira and conceived with the contribution of the community in its creation and cast, anchored in the history of Aveiro ceramics.

Activities for families
Families and the youngest are never forgotten at the Festival dos Canais, an example of which is Jardim das Brincadeiras, a large space in Parque da Cidade, full of artistic installations and toys created from recycled materials, with a vast program of games and challenges to awaken the body and the senses, comprising also workshops and several activities.

The return of two iconic venues of the festival
Another return takes place with two areas that animated the Festival dos Canais in the pre-pandemic years, the Sala de eSTAR and Funky Beach. The first is located in Praça da República and will feature a cast of DJs that includes names such as Xico Ferrão, Rui Pimenta, Ricardo Beja, Nuno Calado, DJ Bent, DJ Ré and Isilda Sanches, as well as concerts by Mueran Humanos, Materia + Hari Sima and Londzdale Fantasy, with a coffee and craft beers bar. Funky Beach is a true urban beach, with sand and a cocktail bar included, located in the Jardim do Museu de Aveiro / Santa Joana, which will feature performances by DJs Phephz, Colorau Som Sistema and Rico Demus, as well as concerts by O Gringo Sou Eu, Uhai and Till Sunday Pirate.

Contemporary art with two international proposals
Festival dos Canals once again has an exhibition. This time it will be Magic Carpets, an exhibition inspired by Scheherazade, a character from The Thousand and One Nights, which was part of the opening program of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, and includes a program of performances. Another proposal to take into account is the installation Rising, by the duo Mouawad Laurier, which addresses the issue of climate change and the sea levels rising.