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Criatech Online


Criatech Online
Criatech - Digital Creativity and Technology is a programme which promotes art and culture in iteration with technology.
This online branch displays artistic pieces created for digital environments and takes them as a starting point for talks, performances and experiences which can be enjoyed on digital platforms.
The first edition took place between the 15th of June and the 13th of July

Catarina Lee > 99 Eruptions Observed 
Luís Arandas > [wire///loss] 
Luís Lucas Pereira > Machines of Disquiet 
Marco Heleno > TransparentPercepton
Sara Orsi > Whole Web Catalog
Summary > Off-Synthesis

Talks/ Masterclasses/ Performances
# 15/06 2020 – Inês Catarina Pinto, with Bárbara Nogueira and Rodolfo Oliveira | White Space, Black Screen + A Digital Revolution for the arts
# 22/06 2020 - Joana Chicau | A Web Page in Three Acts + Q&A (Session mediated by Inês Catarina Pinto)watch performance + Q&A
# 29/06 2020 – Francisca Rocha Gonçalves | Ecoacoustics in artistic creation: re-discovering ocean soundscapes (Session mediated by Carlos Veríssimo)
# 06/07 2020 – Miguel Carvalhais + Luísa Ribas | xCoAx 2020, a fórum for art and technology (Session mediated by Carlos Veríssimo)
# 13/07 2020 – Miguel Neto + Rodrigo Carvalho | Red Quasar