Teatro Aveirense


30 Dec 2021

ECOS_launches its second episode

MADMADMAD, Mimi Sá Coutinho, Luís Guerra and João Pedro Fonseca create an artwork thtat celebrates the meeting between different artistic fields

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15 Dec 2021

The year begins at Teatro Aveirense with a varied programme

O ano de 2022 começa no Teatro Aveirense com uma programação forte e diversificada, onde não faltam destaques em várias áreas artísticas. O teatro, a dança, a música e o cinema fazem parte da agenda de janeiro, com propostas nacionais e internacionais que prometem surpreender o público.

(Photo: Kind, by Peeping Tom)

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16 Nov 2021


While preparing the second episode of ECOS_, with new players, we are making the debut video available on the Teatro Aveirense website.

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25 Oct 2021

Choreography Creation Lab returns 14th November

After a first edition with seven presentations in July 2021 — with creations by Pedro Rocha, Inês Fernandes, Carolina Damas, Luisa António, Teresa Silva, Dayana G. and Joana Ratola —, the Choreography Creation Laboratory of Aveiro returns in this new season to develop other projects in the field of contemporary dance, resulting from an individual proposal for a creation.

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24 Sep 2021

Works of art created from light in Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda

Starting 23rd September, the historic centres of Aveiro, Guarda and Viseu will light up. Light is the central resource of the initiative, Light Installations in Heritage, an immersive proposal which combines contemporary art and the most important heritage sites in the cities of the A25 Cultural Hub.

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