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As Areias do Imperador presented at a conversation

Published at — 28 August 2023

As Areias do Imperador presented at a conversation

As part of the presentation of 'As Areias do Imperador' at Teatro Aveirense, an Off Stage Conversation will be promoted on the 4th of September, in the Senate Room - Central Building and Rectory of the University of Aveiro. Scheduled for 5:45 pm, this initiative will bring together the director of this theatre play, Victor de Oliveira, as well as the actress Josefina Massango.

This conversation is expected to reveal a moment of deconstruction of the creative work and the pioneering of Mia Couto's texts, which serve as the basis for the play. Moderation will be in charge of Andreia Oliveira, researcher at CLLC- Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures. It will be an informal conversation, open to all those interested and curious about the world of theatre, literature, but also themes related to colonial contexts and the histories of peoples.

The play ‘As Areias do Imperador’ premieres on the 8th and 9th of September at Teatro Aveirense, being an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Mia Couto. In it, we are transported to the end of the 19th century, in the middle of Mozambique devastated by political wars. Germano, a Portuguese soldier, and Imani, the Mozambican interpreter, fall madly in love. An impossible love story carried by 15 Mozambican, Portuguese and French interpreters who, through the fate of these two beings, show us the great History.

A co-production of Teatro Aveirense, developed in an artistic residency at this space, with the support of the University of Aveiro.