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Glimmer's bright future premieres at Teatro Aveirense

Published at — 30 January 2024

Glimmer's bright future premieres at Teatro Aveirense

After Zoetrope, in 2010, Rui Horta and Micro Audio Waves collaborate again and debute a new show at Teatro Aveirense, on the 2nd and 3rd of February. This new creation is titled Glimmer and is a fusion of music, dance and technology.

Although a lot has happened since Rui Horta's last meeting with Micro Audio Waves, the future continues to be a topic they want to address. Zoetrope was already taking advantage of the multimedia potential that the 21st century offered, but in the meantime technology has exploded and many of the tools that 14 years ago were experimental are now mainstream. The questions today are about the limits of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, against a backdrop of war and climate conflicts - and what all this will do to thinking and encounters between people. This new show features Gaya de Medeiros in the cast, a Brazilian dancer and choreographer based in Portugal.

In Glimmer, a luminous work is proposed, which presents us with a future where everyone can fit, without exception of color, identity and gender. A show that is part of the Aveiro 2024 – Portuguese Capital of Culture programme.