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Teatro Aveirense releases it's program for the rentrée

Published at — 30 August 2022

Teatro Aveirense releases it's program for the rentrée

The rentrée of Teatro Aveirense is diversified and brings together several prominent names in the several artistic fields. The doors will be open since September 2, with a show by Gilmário Vemba, and the program is already available until the end of the year.

Theater with proposals from different nationalities
The last quarter of the year is especially strong in theater. Among the highlights there’s the visit of one of the most renowned European creators, who comes to Teatro Aveirense to present a new work. It’s Pippo Delbono and his show Amore, on the 15th and 16th of November, a musical and lyrical journey through various geographies, music and words. On another international visit, there are three shows from the Mostra São Palco, which brings to seven cities in Portugal several creations by companies from São Paulo, Brazil, three of them reserved for Teatro Aveirense: Jacy, on the 15th of September, A Invenção do Nordeste, on the 17th of September, and Gota D'Água {Preta}, on the 23rd of October. In an exchange between structures from several countries, the play Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira, on December 3, reviews the text by José Saramago, bringing together the São João National Theater and the Catalunya National Theater. With a completely national authorship and around a historical figure of Portuguese culture, there is the premiere of O Judeu, on September 10, which brings together the Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras and Leirena Teatro to address the life of António José da Silva. Directed by Manuel Tur, the show Mulheres-Tráfico is a documentary work created from reports of trafficked women, which arrives in Aveirense on November 4th. At the end of the year, December 17th, the play Numa Manhã de Nevoeiro is presented, a work by the João Garcia Miguel Company developed arounf prophetic texts from various periods.

Ornatos Violeta and José Cid among the highlights in music
In music, the Ornatos Violeta concert stands out, on November 5th, being a rare presentation of this band in concert halls. José Cid will also be at Teatro Aveirense, on October 29, in a concert with the Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras dedicated to his 1977 album 10000 Anos Antes Entre Vénus e Marte, considered one of the most relevant albums of progressive rock. Another trip to take into account is that of Mão Morta, in a Redux version, around the movie A Casa da Praça Trubnaia, by Boris Barnet, in a challenging cine-concert scheduled for November 19th. With the rentrée, the Novas Quintas cycle also returns, which in the coming months will bring Basilda, Hause Plants and Jura to Teatro Aveirense.

Two challenging proposals in dance
The dance will be well represented by Timber, by Roberto Olivan, which gathers Companhia Instável and Drumming GP, with musicians and dancers on stage. Also Je T’Aime, by João Costa Espinho/Maria João Espinho, will be presented at Teatro Aveirense, na activity of Palcos Instáveis – Segunda Casa/Companhia Instável.

The best of two festivals and the premiere of a documentary in cinema
In the cinema, in addition to the usual Tuesday sessions, there will be two dates with the best of the 30th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde: Curtinhas, on September 11, and Best of Curtas, on the following day. Also the best of the Planos festival, in Tomar, will be presented at Teatro Aveirense, in a session scheduled for December 20th. A special moment is the premiere of the documentary Vozes e Retratos das Fábricas de Cerâmica da Ria, by João Garcia Neto and Sofia Saldanha. This is a work carried out within the scope of the As Sete Vidas da Argila project, which resulted in this film and a play about the ceramics industry of Aveiro, with artistic direction by Jorge Louraço Figueira and promotion of Teatro Aveirense.