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Teatro Aveirense at Aveiro Tech Week

Published at — 7 October 2022

Teatro Aveirense at Aveiro Tech Week

From the 10th to the 16th of October, the Aveiro Tech Week [ATW] will take place, organized by the Aveiro City Council, a week of culture and technology with world-renowned figures, involving exhibitions, artistic installations, performances, conferences, laboratories, hackathons and other experiences, as part of the Aveiro 2027 - Candidate City for European Capital of Culture program.

Teatro Aveirense will host several of ATW's activities, such as MTF Labs and some conferences, among them the New European Bauhaus – NEB Goes South conference. In addition, Teatro Aveirense / Aveiro City Council promotes the festivals Criatech – Digital Creativity and Technology and Prisma / Art Light Tech, an integral part of ATW, two events that combine art and technology in dialogue with the city’s heritage and territory.

Criatech 2022 takes place between October 10th and 15th and will survey the “Echoes of the Future”, proposing works by 40 artists, representing 10 nationalities, spread across several historic buildings in Aveiro. An edition in which listening plays a fundamental role and in which it proposes to explore the resonances that the future emits from the artifacts of the present.

As for Prisma, this edition's theme is "Fortress Europe", a term recovered from the Second World War and which serves as a motto for the creation of a roadmap of artistic installations that assume light as raw material. A celebration of freedom and the affirmation of the European space based on artistic creation.

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