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Teatro Aveirense supports new choreographers

Published at — 13 November 2023

Teatro Aveirense supports new choreographers

Teatro Aveirense organizes once again the Laboratório Coreográfico de Aveiro (LAB). Held in partnership with Companhia Instável, the event returns to develop new projects in the area of contemporary dance based on a creative proposal from its participants.

Designed for young creators, LAB is defined as a space for continued research and process, with a monthly mentoring session. Each session will be accompanied by a choreographer or trainer, sharing methodologies and artistic thinking, assuming an open format for the development of the creative work, based on the proposals of each participant.

With a starting date scheduled for January 13th, the initiative will be mentored by Ana Figueira, Ana Isabel Castro, Daniela Cruz, Joclécio Azevedo and Mafalda Deville, among other trainers, following a plan that seeks to encourage choreographic creation and promote a platform suitable for the development of creators, artistic encounter and the creation of thought on each one's own creation.

At the end of the process, participants will be able to count on the presentation of their creation at Teatro Aveirense, in November 2024, in a show shared with other creators, as well as the possibility of participating in an online production workshop, part of the Pulso — Unstable — program. Choreographic Centre. There is also the possibility of selecting a participant to join Palcos Instáveis in 2025/2026, in co-production between Companhia Instable and Teatro Aveirense. The winning proposals will be awarded a production grant worth €500.

The Aveiro Choreographic Creation Laboratory had its first two editions in 2021 and 2022, which featured the presentation of 11 pieces by new creators from Aveiro and other areas of the country, from which two creators came out who in alternate years presented their own creations, from the award of a breeding grant.

Registration can be made via email at agenio@cm-aveiro.pt, and must include a biographical note, contact details and a brief description of the project.