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New Photography Lab

Published at — 20 December 2021

New Photography Lab
In 2022, Teatro Aveirense launches the Photography Laboratory "Viagens na Minha Terra” (“Travels in my Homeland"), an initiative within the scope of Festival dos Canais. It’s outcome will be presented in the 2022 edition of this festival.

The laboratory program is based on a set of crucial issues for photographic production and a personal project based on the imagery provided by the territory of the Municipality of Aveiro. Each subject will be taught by photographers Augusto Brázio and Nelson d’Aires according to their recognized experience in the subjects to be developed.

"Viagens na Minha Terra" is a project with authorship and artistic direction by Augusto Brázio and Nelson d'Aires. Together they intend to develop photography essays from the Portuguese territory, having been traveling through Portugal and its municipal and administrative borders, that serve as organizers for the creation of a set of photographic documents and publications, which, according to their experiences, propose a glance of Portugal at the beginning of the 21st century.

Applications must be submitted by the 21st of January through the online form available at www.viagensnaminhaterra.pt.
Other information:

Registration: 15€

5th, 6th, 26th and 27th of February
March 19th and 20th
April 2, 3 and 30
May 1
4th and 5th of June

Saturdays 10am-1pm / 3pm-6pm
Sundays 10am-1pm

Augusto Brazio
Nelson d'Aires

over 18

Available for consultation www.viagensnaminhaterra.pt