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Pippo Delbono at Teatro Aveirense

Published at — 2 November 2022

Pippo Delbono at Teatro Aveirense

Teatro Aveirense will host Amore, by the Italian Pippo Delbono, on the 15th and 16th of November. It’s a work that takes on several geographies and where music plays a relevant role, having Aline Frazão and Pedro Jóia in its cast.

This is a work influenced by the pandemic and the isolation it caused, leaving behind the feelings that should unite everyone. But from there on, everything becomes more complex, metaphorical and poetic. Amore is a musical and lyrical journey through an external geography – Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde – and an internal one, that of the soul strings that vibrate with the slightest beat of life. The notes are the melancholic ones of fado, which explode in energetic impulses through the voice of its singers, reaching every corner of the room; the rhythm is sometimes of a parade, sometimes of a tableau vivant, sometimes of a slow procession; the image is a frame that changes colors, heats up and cools down.

And then there are the poetic words, restored through the warm recording of the Ligurian artist with his usual, hypnotic, microphone humming. The words are by Carlos Drummond De Andrade, Eugénio De Andrade, Daniel Damásio, Ascensão Filipe, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Jacques Prévert, Reiner Maria Rilke and Florbela Espanca.

Amore premiered in Modena, Italy in October 2021 and has been playing in several European cities ever since.